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We have caravans to various places such as Blue Springs, St. Augustine, Ocala, Cedar Key, and to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.


We are invited to participate in variuos parades, such as The University of Florida Homecoming Parade, The Newberry Watermellon Festival, Christmas Parades, just to name a few.


In a Rally, you are given a set of directions to follow that take you to a given point. Rallies are designed to be fun and challenge the skills of the driver and navigator.


An autocross is usually held in a shopping center or school parking lot. The course is a series of pylons through which you drive. You are the only driver on the course, competeing with the clock. Experience the thrill of speed and handling built into the Classic American Sports Car.


We enjoy parties and the opportunity to get together with other Corvette owners and enthusiasts. After our monthly meeting, we cruise to a local eatery for more socializing and fun.

Auto Shows

We Sponsor Auto Shows for all levels of competion. Anyone can show off their Vette. These shows are held at auto dealerships and shopping malls.

Drag Races

Members enjoy drag racing at the Gainesville Raceway. This is Bracket style racing; you don't have to be fast, just consistent.


We support fellow clubs by attending their events. Some Members attend other events such as Eckler's, Southern Nationals, Bowling Green, and Gatlinburg, to mention a few.